Software Developer

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About Me

I'm Youssef Victor, and I'm a developer studying Digital Media Design (Graphics Oriented Computer Science) at the University of Pennsylvania. I enjoy programming in a wide variety of languages such as C/C++ and Python for Data science and Graphics applications, and Swift for Mobile Applications.

I am a Data Science Master's student at the University of Pennsylvania. The master's courseload includes courses such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining. I have a strong passion for Data Science as I believe there is incredible potential in its applications.

In my free time I enjoy watching and playing football with my friends, cooking, and exercising. I particurlary enjoy swimming and running. I also like to spend my free time working on personal side projects, in particular mobile iOS apps.

C/C++ >10k Lines
Java >10k Lines
Python >10k Lines
C# >5k Lines
Swift >5k Lines
OCaml >2.5k Lines
Assembly >2.5k Lines


Computer Graphics

I've had a passion for graphics ever since I was very young. As I've grown my work with graphics has grown as well to include making great art and developing software with which to create my works.

Data Science

I have had a growing interest in the field of data science for the past few years. Mastering in Data Science has allowed me to delve deep into the theory and applications of machine learning and beyond.

Mobile Applications

Developing apps has been a hobby of mine for more than three years. Recently, I've been able to transform this hobby into a company that helps individuals and corporations with their software needs.