Data Geek (in Training)

Software Developer and Data Science master's student with a passion for Finance, Data Science, and Statistics.

About Me

I'm Youssef Victor, and I'm a currently a Data Science Master's student at the University of Pennsylvania. The master's courseload includes courses covering all fields of machine learning and statistics. More details in my resume below, feel free to check it out!

I graduated Magna Cumme Laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor's of engineering degree in Digital Media Design. Digital Media Design is a unique Computer Science degree which emphasizes Computer Graphics related study.

I enjoy programming in a wide variety of languages such as C/C++, Python and even Swift. I also have experience with relational databases and have worked with MySQL, Postgresql, and SQLite. I have also worked with many data science related packages and frameworks such as Tensorflow, Pandas and more.

Python >15k Lines
C/C++ >10k Lines
R >5k Lines
Java >5k Lines
OCaml >2.5k Lines
Assembly >2.5k Lines



My courseload has given me deeper insights into hypothesis testing and the mathematics behind it, maximum likelihood estimation, and regression as it applies to the world. These days you can find me reading Algorithmic Trading: Winning Strategies and Their Rationale as I seek to learn more about Time Series Analysis and its applications in finance.

Data Science

Mastering in Data Science has allowed me to delve deep into the theory and applications of machine learning and beyond. My undergraduate senior design project involved reimplementing Chen et al.'s 2018 CVPR paper on using a Convolutional Neural Network to brighten dark images with almost no noise, but using iPhones.

Mobile Applications

Developing apps has been a hobby of mine for more than three years. I have been able to grow this hobby using my graphics knowledge to implement the first physically based pathtracer run on an iPhone. Code and Sample Renders are available on Github.


Philadelphia, PA
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